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Chasing our roots back to 1979

A family-owned business, Japanese Auto Specialists was first started in 1979 by Mike Greer under the name Foreign Auto Service. Back then the Datsun, Toyota, and Honda were all the rage, with some Hondas having only 2-cylinder engines! Having a background in motorcycles, Mike found that he really enjoyed focusing on and fixing Japanese automobiles. In 1986 Nissan stopped using the "Datsun" name for its exports, but Mike kept fixing those cars no matter what name they were called by. Over the years the business continued to grow, as did the involvement of Mike's family. His brother-in-law Ken was the first to join the team, in 1992. Then Jason and Jeremy, Mike's two sons who had grown up around the shop, decided there was no other place they'd rather work and came on board in 1998 and 2001. After almost 40 years since the beginning, Mike and family are putting all their years of knowledge and expertise into fixing your car quickly and at a reasonable price.

Meet Our Team


Mike Greer


Ken Martinez


Jason Greer


Jeremy Greer